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Organic/metal deposition cells

Organic electronic devices are currently attracting attention, including the application to FPD using organic EL elements and organic transistor applications, such as organic thin-film solar cells. At Kitano Seiki, we assemble every kind of deposition cell, beginning with the organic deposition cell (KOD-CELL). This product is extremely compact and has excellent temperature response and stability. In addition, the evaporation rate is stable, and the product comes at a low price. It is very easy to maintain, excellent in operation, which is why we have gained a great reputation from users.

Organic Deposition Cell

Organic Deposition Cell
Organic deposition cell type II
Power source for organic deposition cell

Metal Deposition Cell

Metal Deposition Cell
1-dimension deposition cell (simple metal deposition cell)
2-dimension metal deposition cell
3-dimension metal deposition cell

Organic EL film formation machinery and tools

OLED Sealing Box
Thermal Cleaning System for Organic Source