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Analysis equipment and machinery

In recent years, there has been a strong demand for the advancement in the performance, efficiency and functionality of thin film machines (e.g. MBE, CVD, sputtering systems etc.) and analytical equipment such as SPM, FIM, AP and CMA within the applied research and industrial world of next-generation semiconductors, flat panel displays, high-tech materials and other areas of cutting-edge technology.
At Kitano Seiki, we conduct design, production and sales of various types of vacuum equipment mainly for research use. We have established a consistent standard regarding the production design of our equipment. Beginning with the design stage, we engage in as many intimate consultations as necessary with our clients to fully understand their needs. Based on the latter, we design and develop the equipment that enables our clients to carry out with highest precision their experimental research and development. In the design stage, we spare no efforts to the structuring of the installation which consists of the main chamber, the sample preparation room, the load lock chamber, and the sample transport mechanism. We also exert our best efforts to devise the optimum configuration of the various vacuum pumps and the vacuum measuring system. We provide products of superior quality and help create a functional and efficient research environment by offering after support in the form of cleaning, processing, leak testing and installation.

CMA: Cylindrical mirror analyzer

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FIM Field ion microscope equipment

FIM Field ion microscope equipment
Simple FIM

Ultra-high vacuum equipment for SEM

Scanning electron microscope equipment

Ultra-high vacuum equipment for scanning probe microscopes (SPM)

Scanning probe microscope equipment

Ultra-high vacuum equipment for HR-EELS

Electron energy loss spectroscopy equipment

Ultra-high vacuum equipment for LEED analysis

Low energy electron diffraction equipment

Extreme High Vacuum System for 3D-Atom Probe

Extreme High Vacuum System for 3D-Atom Probe

Observation, analysis and evaluation equipment

UHV-compatible laser microscope equipment