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Transmission electron microscopy

Kitano-Seiki Co., Ltd. provides a wide range of experimental apparatuses and devices for Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). These apparatus are widely used not only for the research of biology, high polymer, ceramics, semiconductor, metal and so on, but also development and analysis of new products.
Especially a series of TEM HOLDERs have been developed based on the original ideas hinted at customers' requirements, which enable observation with high resolution imaging of crystal morphology, crystal structures, compositions, electron state, etc.
Kitano-Seki will willingly respond to customer's requests to realize original designs or special features to be actual apparatuses or devices for customers' experiment and development.

Transmission Electron Microscope(TEM) Holder

* Product records

Peltier Heating / Cooling TEM Specimen Holder
Sample Cooling TEM Holder
Sample Heating TEM Holder
Two-axis Tilting and Sample Heating TEM Holder
Sample Cleaning TEM Holder
Gas-inlet TEM Holder
In-situ Observation TEM Holder
Gas-inlet and Light-exposure TEM Holder
Gas-reacting TEM Holder
Two gas-inlet TEM Holder
Tensile-gauging TEM Holder
Evaporator Installed TEM Holder
Atmosphere-blocked TEM Holder
Vacuum Sealed Sample Transferring Capsule