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Delivery record

FY 2016 < Equipment and Systems >
Organic EL Device Producing System #1 : OLED-K1
Organic EL Device Producing System #2 : OLED-K2
Special Type CRYO System : KCRYO-01
Submerged Thin Film Coating System : KEHC-01
Surface Ionizer Unit #3 : KSI-III
Motor Controller with Potentiometer Voltage Detection
< Components and Mechanisms >
Antistatic Electron Gun : FS40A1
Vacuum Compatible Small Z⋅θ Stage : KSZθ-01
Multi-Functional Holder : KMFH-01
Transportation mechanism for Organic Photoelectric Conversion Film Deposition Equipment
Shutter Plate for Organic Deposition Cell
Hollow Rotary Drive
Exhauster for Ultra-High Vacuum Detector Chamber
Stage Controller
< TEM Sample Holders >
No Air-Exposure Electrical Measurement Holder
Peltier Temperature Control Holder
Dual-Axis Heating & Straining Holder
Standard Holder : KTEMH-01
Grid Heating Holder for Ion Cleaner
Remodeling of the Straining Holder
< UHV chambers >
MBE Chamber
STM Chamber
XPS Sample Introduction Chamber (Load Lock Chamber)
Reaction Vessel : KRC-2015
Observation Chamber
< Cells and Crucibles etc. >
Small CLBO Temperature Control Cell
Mounting Direction Free Metal Evaporation Source : KFMD-1
< Repair, Customizing and maintenance, etc. >
Overhaul of Cryo Pump
Detoxification of Bell-jar Type Deposition System
Overhaul of Dry Pump
Customizing of Organic EL Device Manufacturing System
Cell Shutter Repair (Exchanging)
Relocation of Organic EL Device Manufacturing System
Relocation of STM Equipment
Relocation of Film-Forming System for Organic Material Development
FY 2015 < Equipment and Systems >
Ion Etching System : KIES-01
Gas Analyzer System : KGA-System
MBE System
Neutralization Efficiency Measurement System
OPV Deposition System
Auger Electron Spectroscopy System
< Components and Mechanisms >
Ultra-High Vacuum Compatible Substrate Heating Unit: KUHV-SH
4-Axis Manipulator with Sample Cooling Stage : KSCM-04
Permalloy Shield for XPS : KXPS-S01
Submerged Measurement MCBJ Unit : KMCBJ-03
H2O Trap Cooling Unit
Monovalent Ion Source for Mass Spectrometry System
Sample Stage ω-axis Specifying Unit
Motor Driven Semi-Manipulator
X-Y Stage for Detector Position Changing
Heating Stage for Sample Measurement
Discharge Unit
Vacuum Exhaust System for Mass Spectrometry
Ni Base
< Cryogenic equipment >
LHe Transfer Tube
LN2 Cooling Probe Unit
Sample Cooling Head
< TEM Sample Holders >
Vacuum Sealed Cooling TEM Holder
< UHV chambers >
Backbone Chamber
Extreme-High Vacuum Chamber
< Cells and Crucibles etc. >
Sample cell for In Situ XRD Observation of Catalytic Reaction: KBW-XRDSC
Metal Deposition Cell : KMD-Cell
Organic Deposition Cell
Crucible for Organic Deposition Cell
< Repair, Customizing and maintenance, etc. >
Detoxification of Gallium Arsenide Growth MBE System
Software Full-Automation of Vacuum Deposition System
English Translation of OELD Device Manufacturing System Software
Maintenance of Organic Deposition Cell
Overhaul of Cryo Pump
Maintenance of Laser Sputtering Equipment
Relocation of MBE Equipment
Relocation of Organic EL Device Manufacturing Equipment
Relocation of Vacuum Equipment
Vacuum Heating Degassing Services
FY 2014 < Equipment and Systems >
OLED Deposition Machine <TYPE-A1>
OLED Deposition Machine <TYPE-A2>
Special Load Lock System
Sample cooling system KSCS-01
Relocation of vacuum System
Submerged deposition apparatus TLE-01
Electrode coating apparatus KECE-01
PYS-IPES composite device
Load lock system equipped with transport mechanism KLL-316L-TR
Friction testing machine for SEM introduction
Holder drive system
< Devices and Machinery etc. >
Target heating mechanism
MCBJ unit MCBJ-02
Multi-pole terminal introduction unit
Automation of controlling organic film deposition source
Bellows and adjustment mechanism for superconductor loaded driving
Vacuum correspondent ultra-compact four-quadrant slit for soft X-rays
Slow positron beam pulse stretching section
Sample heating & cooling stage
Beam flux monitor
Temperature controller for cryogenics
Adjusting coil installation frame KACF-01
Environmental control gas supply unit for stand and exhaust unit
Short pipe with Beryllium window
Electron gun for sample cleaning
Heating type manipulator for sputtering equipment
Manipulator for MCP
< Cryogenic Equipment >
Ultra-high vacuum corresponding sample exchange system for cryostat
Helium condenser for MRI
Transfer tube for remodeled HCS
4K corresponding type cryohead KCH4K-2013
Cold trap Unit 3
Cold chamber for HCS
MRI experimental cold chamber
< Sample Holders for TEM >
TEM holder for organic device observation KOD-TEM01
Two axial load applying TEM holder KL II T-01
Cryogenic type TEM holder
Current - voltage measurement TEM holder
Uniaxial inclination gas heating sample TEM holder
Piezo driven two-consecutive-probe electron microscope holder core axis for air cutoff holder
< UHV chambers >
Ultrahigh vacuum chamber
Vacuum chamber for organic vapor deposition substrate transportation
Load lock vacuum chamber
RT-STM Chamber
Sample chamber
Ultra-high vacuum chamber KUHVC-316
< Cells and Crucibles etc. >
Cell vacuum storage container (SUS316L)
Cell degassing chamber
LN2 shroud for cell degassing
Small temperature control cell for nonlinear crystal
CLBO small temperature control cell for loading
Experimental sample cell (II)
CLBO small temperature control cell for solid laser base
Crucible of KOD-Cell
Tungsten crucible
Deposition cell crucible
Plasma cell
Deposition preventing mask
FY 2013 Aluminium vapor deposition system
Ion source chamber : KION-01
Simple Organic Vapor Deposition apparatus
5-axis automatic sample stage
Low-melting-point material deposition system : KLTDS-5501
Cryogenic rotary joint
Sample heating chanber
3-axis stage for Soft X-ray diffraction equipment
VAC tilt mechanism
Sample tilt mechanism
Piezo rotation stage
Monitering system
Long period heating evaporation source
Vacuum-sealed transport TEM holder
Organic device observation TEM holder
Vacuum chamber
Sample cooling system for background-reduced synchrotron radiation X-ray structual analysis
Glove box for arganic EL manufacturing
Coating material evaluation system
Loe temperature trap type gas collection/analysis equipment
High-speed shutter for Low temperature trap type gas collection/analysisnequipment
TEM holder storage glove box
Lq.H2 Transfer tube
Silver thin film magnetron sputtering system
Cryogenic MCBL system
Ultra-high vacuum substrate transport system
Piezo driven probe holder
MCD/ Low temperature conductivity measurement holder
160 port manifold
Optical chanber
Special type Ultra high vacuum chanber
2-axsis rotary feed through (Special type)
EB vapor deposition apparatus
Vacuum valve for Twin-chanber type vacuum tube furnace
Gas analyzer
STM unit
Superconducting magnet
Organic EL Deposition Device System
Thermal CVD System : KCVD-5501HK
MBE System
Spin spray ferrite plating System KSS-1
Neutralization unit. No.3
Radiation pulse magnetic field XMCD measurement sample manipulation system
Ultra-high vacuum layer and ultra-low temperature scanning probe microscope system
XPS equipment for ultra-high vacuum system
MBE / sputtering system
Vacuum -sealed for transport TEM holder
KTEM-02 Environmental control sample TEM holder KTEM-02
Air cutoff holder for material cooling holder Shin-jiku
Vacuum sample transfer mechanism (TEM / FIB)
Thermal desorption mechanism
Sample cooling cleaving mechanism
Friction tester introduction unit
Ultra-high vacuum cryogenic small refrigerator
Vacuum insulation member
Thermionic current pressure measuring device controller (II)
Pretreatment chamber Manipulator
Ultra-high vacuum chamber tunnel
E-Gun chamber
High resolution RBS chamber
ERDA chamber
Sputtering chamber
XPS chamber
STM chamber
Focused ion beam equipment type diffraction microscope detection barrel
Leak detector ( ULVAC-PHI , Inc. products)
Cryopump Overhaul ( Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.)
FY 2012 Oxidation processing apparatus
Stage system for Magnetic conduct measurment
Organic materials deposition evaluate system
Fabrication System for special type of organic devices
Passive type organic EL manufacturing experiment system
Crucible for Metal efusion cell (Knudsen-cell)
Organic material evaporation system
Power source for organic material efusion cell
D.C. powr source for metal effusion cell
Ultra high vacuum contact-probe system
Sample cleavage mechanism with cooling unit
Special type low temperature sputtering system
Special type sputtering sysytem
Soundproof panel for sputtering system
Cooling type cluster system/Cluster depositon system
Large size HF-CVD system
Beem moniter & Target transfer mechanism
Beem flux moniter
Air-isolating holder
Measurment system for thermal electron emission current
MCBJ system
Calibration apparatus for Vacuum gauge
Capacitance type dew-point meter
Ultra high vacuum STM system corresponding to high magnetic field
STM system with Vibration damping
Transfer chamber for STM
Cryostat for LT-STM
Cooling dewar for magnets
Compact size ultra-high vacuum cryogenic refrigerator
Sample transfer mechanism : KSCS-01
High voltage feed-in bell-jar apparatus
High voltage manipulater
Shutter mechanism for somposition gradient film
Two gas-inlet TEM holder
Sample measurement and storage desiccator
5-axis automatic sample stage
Exchanging system for detectors and samples
Ultra-high vacuum 4D slit
Optical axis checking equipment
Special vacuum pumping system
Gas heating TEM holder with 2-axsis tilting
Sample manipulator system
Sample manipulater for measurement with heating
Chanber and stage for 2-axsis soft X-ray diffraction
Substrate rotary system for oblique incidence with heating
Resonant scattering and Diffraction: microscope camera feed-in mechanism
3-axsis moving mechanism for XFEL diffraction imaging system
High precision positioning target stage
ω・2θ stage
Load-lock system
Solution container chanber for XAFS
CCD hold stage
Incidence gate valve
Photon detector for Special electron holography
Heat cover-sheald
Atom probe
Pressure chanber
Ion-gun chanber
FY 2011 2Kv sputtering Ion gun
Electron energy analysis system
Neutral atom beam system
Probe-tip observation system
4 source-target sputtering chamber
Sample exchange chamber for 4 source sputtering
Τs stage for soft X-ray diffraction system
TEM holder for liquid chemical reaction
TEM holder for gas inlet and photon inlet mechanisms
Insite observation TEM holder
Cryostat xyz stage
Positron and negative ion measuring system
Field emission characteristic measuring system
Automated xyx stage for small angle scattering
Multi-pipe transfer tube
Helium cooled chamber
Single crystal growth system
Saheting and cooling stage
Organic EL fabrication system
KC-FP trap system
Organic EL fabrication system
Ultra-high vacuum type RF sputtering system
Metal efusion cell
Ion-trap apparatus
Motor dvrive probe u--down mechanism
In-line globe box for organic device
Frozen dryer
Ultrta-high vacuum cryogenic cooling equipment
Automated 5-axis sample stage
Plasma generator
FY 2010 LT-PFM device
RB oven
Vibration removal system for STM device
Supersensitive electron beam observation device
High-speed film producer for organic EL
Ultra-high vacuum RF sputter deposition device
Dry-freezing device
Microgravity testing machine
Organic thin film simple deposition OTFS R&D System
Cooling beam exposure system
Simple deposition device
Small 3-dimension generator MF-150A/HP (CANON)
Small electric injection device LS300i insertion device (CANON)
UHV deposition chamber &substrate heating mechanism
Electron energy analysis system KCMA-2009
Simple FIM device
FIM system w/ cooler for ultra-high vacuum low-temperature environments
TEM holder w/ heating mechanism
TEM holder w/ deposition mechanism
Electricity measurement TEM holder
Gas-reactive TEM holder
X-line measurement chamber
Chamber and block for Peltier element measurement
Cubical chamber for quadruple electrode
Chamber for granular body heat measurement
Chamber for helium dewar
LHe tank
Radiation shield
Test-cooling head w/ rotary mechanism
LHe transfer tube
Rotary joint for extremely low-temperature coolants
Box for transportation of organic elements (holding 16 units)
Airtight container for organic elements
3D-AP vibration control unit
Magnetic seal unit
VUV connection unit
Etching regulator
Sample transportation unit
Test cooling unit
Heated mercury vaporization unit
Heat exchanger
Thermionic current measuring unit
Isolation stage for luminescence measurement
Reaction chamber pressure measurement unit
Mobile organic deposition source
Horizontality projection deposition source
High-temperature deposition source
Quadrisection deflecting electrode
RF-CVD anode electrode
Quadrupole electrode
Film window for soft X-line
In-vessel viewing system
Electric current heating holder for LT-STM
High-pressure cell for X-line
Spin polarized positron capsule
Magnetic field application sample holder
FY 2009 Organic material film formation device
Electron device evaluation device
Electron device manufacture device
Totally automatic film formation evaluation device
Organic EL film formation device remodeling (test-system from other company)
High-efficiency film formation device
Evaporator System CS-VE1
Ultra-high vacuum synchronous sputtering device
Sputtering & EB deposition composite device
Hybrid (EB & K-Cell) deposition device
Hybrid (organic & metal) deposition device
Ultra-high vacuum system KSPS-01 for vacuum deposition
Electrochemical UHV device
Spin-polarized electron manufacture device
Special ultra-high vacuum device
High-pressure gas cell internal vacuum device
MCBJ device for low-temperature measurement
Insert-type Piezo drive low-temperature device
Vacuum device for electrical discharge testing
Electron energy analysis system KCMA-114N
LL/Stocker chamber unit
Sample cleaning unit
FEM device electric current detector
FIM device electric current detector
MCP unit w/ Faraday cup
Tension slide mechanism
Superconducting magnet XYZR moving stage
Superconducting magnet rotary stage 360R
4XY stage for 4 probe
6 inch substrate-compatible XYZ stage
Cooling stage
Test-cooling stage
Test-cooling head
Sample platform for electricity measuring
Special simple metal deposition cell KMDS-3ccCell
Two-dimensional metal deposition cell
Special low-temperature deposition cell
Special sputtering source
Special rotary platform I KPP-120 (O-ring type)
GAS tank for reactive TEM holder
Low-temperature TEM holder
Heating TEM holder
Holder for fiber introduction TEM
φ3.5 separation probe
Test-heating contact probe
Rotary joint for low-temperature coolant container LT-RJ
Electron analyzer
Special vacuum transportation chamber
Spectroscope connector flange
Reaction vessel
FY 2008 Organic EL deposition device for small matter examination
BeCu-EB deposition device
Organic EL material film formation evaluation device
Organic EL element manufacture device
Ultra-high vacuum precise deposition device for nano thin film
VT-STM device
Organic EL thin film sealing device
Hot filament-type diamond synthesis device
Organic thin film formation device
Decompression dry hot plate
3D-AP charge cell
Laser induction-type atomic spectroscopy device (standard:KLAS-5001)
Multi-chamber-compatible transportation chamber (standard: KMLL-2007
Electric field ion emitter evaluation device
Electrical conduction measurement vacuum column system
Hydrogen atmosphere sample heating device
Shock observation chamber
Plasma CVD device (standard: KP-CVD2008)
Spin spray thin film formation device
Testing cryostat
Sputtering source (standard: KONYX-3UHV)
Copper beam chamber
Ultra-high vacuum-compatible load lock chamber (standard: KUHVS-LL)
FIM device
LHe tank
Insert for high-magnetic STM (standard: KSTM-INSERT2007)
Plasma generator
Ultra-high vacuum test-manufacture chamber
FIM cooling unit (standard: Helium induction nipple #NI-HE20)
3-dimensional metal deposition cell (standard: KMDT-Cell)
Large superconducting bulk magnetization device for refrigerator
FEM device gimbal mechanism
Sample transportation mechanism
Electron energy analysis system (standard: KCMA-114N)
FY 2007 Electron beam holography detector system
Organic deposition device w/ vacuum heater
Laser-supported wide-angle 3-dimensional atom probe unit
Electric field ion microscope
Drum-type deposition device
Molecular beam epitaxy device (standard: KSMBE-2007)
UHV-CVD device
Quantum bit testing device
Crucible bakeout device
FEM device
Transportation chamber for cool polarized atoms (standard: KSC-2007)
Electron beam deposition device
Moving of molecular beam epitaxy device
Multi-chamber-compatible load lock room (standard: KSIM-2007)
Double-axis, slanted high-temperature test holder (standard: KTWHT-4801)
Reflectron device
XYZ stage (6-inch substrate-compatible)
Vacuum chamber for sulfur treatment
4-terminal spin polarization rate measurement device
Atmospheric pressure CVD device
Vacuum friction/wear testing apparatus
Simple FEM device
Organic deposition device w/ vacuum heater
Sample cooling device for low-temperature magnetic measurement
4-inch-compatible deposition device II
Cooling test device
Sample heating/cooling stage for LEED
Spin spray ferrite plating device
Cryo-needle device
Sample heating unit for STM
3-dimensional atom probe device
STM low-temperature measurement device
High-speed rotary manipulator
Electron energy analysis system (standard: KCMA-114N)
FY 2006 Type II rock failure cell for gas emission collection
Gas emission processing unit for organic deposition sources
Organic deposition device
Ultra-precise triple manual/double automatic axis testing stage
Ultra-precise quintuple axis automatic testing stage
TEM holder for heating
Superconducting magnet low-temperature measurement instrument
Field emission measurement device / type KFEM-48
Organic film analyzer
High-capacity organic cell w/ fluctuation mechanism
Simple OES device
HFCVD device
Cryo-needle device
Special film manufacture device
Ionization chamber
Reflectron chamber
Stretching testing apparatus
Type II four-point bending testing apparatus
TEM heating holder
Sample heating stage
Sample cooling stage
Sample transportation stage
KFJ-1800 4-inch-compatible deposition device
Organic solar battery film formation device
4-dimensional magnetron sputtering-compatible ultra-high vacuum device
TEM holder
Observation chamber
Ultra-high vacuum FIM/TOFMS device/KFIM-4801
Ultra-high vacuum chamber for atom trap testing
Helium circulation device
Hand-maneuvered synchronization device ‘06 kit
CVD device
Rotating sample holder
Spin spray ferrite plating device
Measurement device for low-temperature hall results/KHE-1000
TEM-STM test unit
LHe cryostat
Ultra-high vacuum-compatible laser microscope
Vacuum chamber system w/ ultra-high vacuum-compatible anti-vibration mechanism/KDPUHV1
E-GUN deposition device/KJST-3000
Vacuum heating press
TEM testing electricity measurement unit
Ne-compatible rotary joint / Type KRJ-31
FED measurement chamber
STM sample transportation unit
High-speed rotation manipulator
PG/PBN heating stage & heating source
Micro RHEED chamber
Extreme low-temperature manipulator for micro RHEED
Laser induction optical window/KS-AP-LW1
2-dimensional magnetron sputtering device
Atomic Force Microscope device
On-site analysis system for ultra-high vacuum environment
Ultra-high vacuum-compatible load lock chamber/KUHVS-LL
Sputtering source/KONYX-3UHV
Carbon nanotube growth device
FY 2005 E-GUN deposition device
Thin film accumulation device for superconducting joining
Vacuum vessel for low-temperature STM
Organic device manufacture / evaluation equipment
Film manufacturer
Solar battery thin film heating device
MBE device for OX
Organic electron device evaluation equipment
Low-temperature STM device
Electron energy analysis system KCMA-114N
Shuttle chamber
Ultra-precise 5-axis testing stage
Vacuum device for electrode formation
Ultra-high vacuum deposition device
STM/FIM device
Material transportation chamber
Small vacuum testing device
Multi-probe head
Remodeling of deposition device
Copper beam chamber
Sputtering device
High-efficiency sextuple transfer tube
High-efficiency septuple transfer tube
High-temperature heating holder for E-GUN deposition device
Secondary electron detection chamber
Ultra-high vacuum-compatible goniometer stage KXYZ-152
Vacuum desiccator
Heating unit
FY 2004 3-dimensional atom probe
4-terminal cryostat
4-terminal cryostat (CryoMini type)
Ion trap electrode (36pin)
Photoelectron counter ICF-114 type
High frequency sputtering device KCH-2000
5-axis material stage (2-axis motor)
Material transportation device
Multi-purpose transportation device KSC-1000
Sample stock room
Sample heating mechanism KSTN-1300
Cell Baking System
Target storage vessel
Facing-target sputtering device
Atmospheric pressure CVD device
Large LN2 Dewar
Ultra-high vacuum chamber
Ultra-high vacuum surface-/nano structure investigation device
Probe manufacture device
Heating manipulator
Substrate transportation device
Dilution refrigerator KLHE-4000SP
Low-temperature STM vacuum device
Electron energy analyzer KCMA-YHV203
Vacuum device for non-linear optical measurement
Serial spray ferrite plating device
FY 2003 Wide-gap microcrystal Si: C manufacture device
Energy-conserving 3-dimensional atom probe body
Organic/metal composite deposition device
Organic thin film pattern observation device
Pre-treatment window for STM
Stress patterning device KSEM-045
Vacuum device w/ heating mechanism
Extreme low-temperature electrical property analyzer
Remodeling of thin film device
E-gun deposition device
Heating/cooling manipulator
Small beam transportation device
Cubical chamber
Pattern accumulation unit
Manipulator w/ heating mechanism
Electron emission analyzer
Electron spectroscopy device
Stretching test device
STM cryostat
Sample transportation vessel
Device for solution absorption
HW- p chamber
Radiation inducer
Spin spray device
Dry ice purification testing device
Load-lock system
Liquid nitrogen transportation device
Conducting polymer testing device
FTIR device
Hybrid cycle proof testing device
Spectroscope vacuum device
Flat heating mechanism for ultra-high vacuum
Field emission measurement chamber KDH-400
Latent heat exchanger (030616)
Rock failure cell (outgassing)
FY 2002 Metal mirror
Iron will electromagnet for ultra-high vacuum
LN2 Tank
Liquid nitrogen shroud for ultra-high vacuum
Heat conduction grip
Drop hammer sensitivity testing apparatus for low-temperature environment
Halogen measuring device
Mirror drive mechanism
MBE device
Deposition device
Sample heating/cooling device
Gas assembly device
Platinum electrode
Light-sensor fiber unit
Nanotube manufacture unit
Contact probe
Sapphire holder
Tantalum deposition source
Conducting polymer development testing device
Absorption/desorption measuring device
Latent heat exchanger
FY 2001 IRAS vacuum measuring vessel for FTIR
Shroud for cooling of RHEED sampling stage
KBR window differential evacuation flange
Photomultiplier tube case
Reflexive infrared device
Device for microgravity testing
CCD cooling unit
Testing electrode
Hydrogen atomizer
Heater holder for corrosion testing
Transfer tube for dilution fridge
Film thickness measuring device
Test drive engine for field ion microscope
Wire-winding device
Heating sample stage
Dilution refrigerator helium plumbing operating panel
High-frequency etching device
Grid stand
BEC trap chamber
Low-temperature measuring container
Bulb system for power outage
FY 2000 Etching chamber for on-site ESR measuring
Quantized-functional photo-electronic material manufacturing device function
Tip cleaning device
Electron gun
Surface property analysis device
Ultrasonic wave motor
Surface electron spectroscopy device
Ultra-high vacuum cryostat
Plasma CVD device
3-dimension shape generation motion device
EB process device
Sputtering device
Ultra-high vacuum surface local analysis device
Proportional counter tube for Mossbauer internal conversion electron spectroscopy
Mineral pulverization vessel
Rb structure analysis device
Near-field optical detector
Cooling atom beam generator
Optical fiber inducer
Spin-spray ferrite plating device
E-gun deposition source w/ shutter